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Kingdom Domain College is training & equipping this generation to step out in the power of the Holy Spirit and be the light to the world, preaching the Gospel of the Kingdom of God in every sphere of society.


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Hi my name is Inessa Bukreyev and I am a student here at KDC, and I love it! I am so grateful for Pastor Serge and Alina Kucher’s yes and obedience to God’s vision of this school! It has been such a blessing! The atmosphere that the pastors and leaders have created feels like family. They truly care for our well being and they want us to experience God in His fullness. It’s not religious at all; it is a lifestyle that they are teaching us, and they do such an amazing job at portraying that. They truly reflect the heart of Jesus. I am so grateful for the environment that they cultivated, where I can be challenged and grow spiritually as well as in my relationship with the Father. I am beyond grateful to be able to just sit at the feet of Jesus and learn as His disciples did.

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I see more of the significance of what Jesus did on the cross. Honestly, I cannot say thank you enough to Him. He has made us heirs and sons who have full access to the Kingdom. Unbelievable! This is just the beginning.


The friends I have made here are truly a blessing. I’m excited to see all the connections I have made here help me grow and mature in different aspects of my life.


I have become someone who no longer sees our God as One that is distant and unreachable, but rather have come to know Him in such a deep and personal level. In doing so, I have also begun to discover who I am in Him, and what my role is in His Kingdom.

“Kingdom Domain College exists for sons of the kingdom to arise. they are those who are kingdom minded, full of Holy Spirit power, activated on the territory of their gift to impact and influence the world.

Andrey Shapoval
Lead Pastor

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